WATCH: ‘You’re Always Gonna Be A Mexican, You’ll Never Be White’ Woman Goes On ‘Woke’ Tirade Against Officer

Must see bodycam footage emerged on Tuesday showing a woman engaged in a bizarre ‘woke’ tirade against an L.A. deputy who stopped her for using her phone while driving. The woman called the deputy “a murderer,” “a Mexican racist” and told him that he’ll “never be white.”

WATCH the footage HERE Below: 

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In the incident, the woman can be seen being verbally aggressive toward the policy officer. In fact, just as the L.A. police officer approached the woman’s vehicle, the interaction immediately turned hostile.

“The speed limit is 40, and I was going 38, so why are you harassing me?” the woman said, adding “because you’re a murderer” before the deputy could explain why he stopped her.

The woman said she only used her cellphone to record the officers and went on to accuse them of “threatening to kill me and my son.”

She did not have her driver’s license with her. The officer maintained calm and composure thought the encounter.

As she was being handed her citation, she said: “Here you go, Mexican racist. You’re always going to be a Mexican. You’ll never be white, you know that, right?”

Apparently, the woman wanted to say that the act of stopping her and giving her a citation for using her phone while driving is an act of racism and white supremacy. Critics of this view would say the officer was clearly just upholding the law.

Trish Regan called out the woman, saying “she’s nuts,” while also arguing that this is exactly what the police have to deal with.”

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