Trump Spokesperson: ‘They Cannot Stop This Movement – The Greatest Political Movement in History’

Liz Harrington, the spokesperson for the Trump 2024 campaign, unloaded on District Attorney Alvin Bragg on The Trish Regan Show Wednesday evening calling the DA’s moves purely ‘political.’

“The American people are smart,” she told Regan. “They see through this.”

She doubled down on Bragg, accusing him of election interference saying, “There’s no way around it. Now, they’re scheduling this sham show trial for January 2024, right at the start of primary season. I mean, it’s so obvious, it’s so transparent.”

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“They’re not going to be able to stop this movement. It’s the greatest political movement in American history. But they’re certainly going to try because this shows their desperation. They have no other choice. They have to try to use law enforcement now to meddle in our elections because they know they can’t beat President Trump fair and square.”

Watch the whole interview above.





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