Trish: Why I’m With Rapper 50 Cent on This One! Entrepreneur Stunned by Biden’s Proposed Tax Rates

This is a man who knows his economics.

“WHAT THE F*CK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT, F*CK NEW YORK,” declared the famed rapper-entrepreneur 50 Cent in a stunning announcement via social media on Monday evening.

The revelation came to the artist while watching the business network CNBC afternoon program, “Powerlunch.” The network posted a TV screenshot image of Joe Biden’s proposed tax rates in high tax states like California and New York….and, let’s just say, it caught the 50 Cent’s attention.

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Full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of his music (I’m more of a country music and even opera listener myself) BUT, this revelation of his has definitely encouraged me to listen to a few of his songs. That’s because this is definitely something upon which 50 Cent and I can most certainly agree: An all-in tax rate should never be more than HALF of one’s income, but, if Joe Biden becomes President, taxes are expected to as high as 62% of income in New York and CA — for any individual making more than $400,000.

Before you say, “oh, well, nothing to worry about then…it will just hit high-income earners making more than 400k,” I want you to know that there IS something to worry about.

By increasing taxes on the high-income individuals, along with small business owners (up to 28% from current 21%) along with higher capital gains taxes of nearly 40% — there will be CONSEQUENCES.

Serious consequences. A recent report from a University of Chicago economist predicted that the median income for an American family will DECLINE by as much as $8,000 as a result of Joe Biden’s plan. Not the mention the lack of new investment in the markets and in businesses thanks to these Biden proposals.

I’ll give him this: 50 Cent GETS it. Money matters. We don’t all want to work for Uncle Sam…nor do we want to work for Uncle Joe!

The beauty of capitalism is that is allows people to work for THEMSELVES.

Have you heard my podcast? They’re trying to suppress it… Listen up (quickly!) before they pull it down. And, spread the word… Big Tech, Big Media and Big Dems are all working together. I have the details plus new intel on Hunter Biden scandal.


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