Trish Slams Biden’s Saigon Moment: “Truly Unforgivable”

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This is a historic moment. This is the moment that everyone will remember as Joe Biden’s total failure. This is the president of the United States’ Saigon moment.

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The similarities between what’s happening right now in Afghanistan and what happened in Vietnam are truly remarkable. And we need to talk about this and we need to call it out.

You may not believe that the U.S. should be bothering in anybody else’s business. And I understand that and I empathize with that–it cost us nearly a trillion dollars. But nonetheless, you’ve got to be smarter about how you get out of a situation once you are in. And, what this administration has just done is truly unforgivable.

Hello, everyone. I’m Trish Regan. Welcome to the Trish Regan Show. Our international security is so important. And given what has just happened with Joe Biden, given what he has been willing to risk, he’s effectively put us in a really vulnerable spot.

And I say that because, you know, let’s not forget how al-Qaida started. Right? Al-Qaida started because it was able to cement itself in a pretty lawless place, Afghanistan. And the results were catastrophic.

So now the Taliban is going to be back in business. And the Taliban doesn’t care who’s actually in the country, who’s not. And so we run the risk now that al Qaeda, ISIS, you name it, any terror group can exist there because we’re no longer there to watch things.

Now, you may say, ‘ok, you know what, we don’t have the energy, the time, the money, the ability to continue doing this. Really, it should be something that NATO has to take on.’ (By the way, we leave, NATO leaves. Everyone leaves, right as soon as the U.S. leaves.) But while we may have wanted to leave–and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have– in fact, that was one of the positions of the Trump administration that we needed to get out. And they actually wanted to be out by August 31st of this month. However, when you’re getting out, you’ve got to do so in a logical, methodical way that puts fewer lives at risk.

Joe Biden said, ‘oh, we’re not going to have a Vietnam Saigon moment with the helicopter on top of the embassy trying to get everyone out.’ But guess what? That’s what happened! Another Saigon moment. With the helicopter on top of the embassy trying to rescue Americans and get them out of the embassy — before Kabul fell.

So as the Taliban has been marching through all of Afghanistan, we have an Intel department that tells us, ‘oh, well, you’ve got three months, three months until Kabul falls.’ Well, that was like a week ago!

Someone should have seen this coming. In fact, actually, the generals did, the generals warned him, warned Joe Biden that exactly this would happen, and they said,’ you know what, you ought to keep 2500 troops there. Because you don’t want the chaos to ensue.’

But what did Joe Biden do here? He apparently just ‘stared them down.’ In fact, if you look at some of the the leftists that are praising him right now, they’re saying, ‘oh, you know, he showed courage. He stood up to his generals.’ Yeah.

And you know what? Little girls are going to get sold into slavery as a result of this. Women are no longer going to be able to hold jobs, no longer going to be educated as a result of this.

Now, again, you may say, ‘look, it’s not our business. It’s a screwed up place. Good luck to them.’  But after being there since October of 2001, don’t we owe it to somebody somewhere to do this in a more organized fashion? How is Joe Biden going out there to say, you know, let yank everybody out and then put Americans at risk, American lives at risk?

I’m not one who believes you need to be involved in every single conflict, and I think that we should be really thoughtful about how these conflicts affect America. Because we ought to we ought to think about America first. Yeah, that’s actually a policy that we should be thinking through. But simultaneously, you can’t have had a certain policy in place for two decades–and, then ripped the rug right out from under people!

It would not have taken a lot to have made sure that this was done in an orderly fashion and instead, frankly? We look foolish.

You know, I don’t care. You know, we can we can look foolish, whatever, but we do look foolish right on the world stage, especially when we were saying, ‘oh, you know, it’s going to take months. Everybody is going to have time to leave.’ And it turns out now it’s not going to take months. And we had to send the helicopter in in that big Saigon moment. So there was a way to do this in a way not to do this.

And Joe Biden showed his naivete, along with Secretary of State Blinken. It was complete naiveté to think that somehow this would just all be hunky dory, it’s not. And we have put a lot of people at risk, including our own people, not to mention… you think about the 2300 soldiers that died over there in Afghanistan and all the people that were wounded in Afghanistan. What was it for? We couldn’t figure out a way to help that country get back on its feet without us being there? I mean, shouldn’t that be the goal, right, to make them, the Afghanis be reliant on themselves? We couldn’t figure that out! And now we’re like, ‘see you later!’

That is NOT the way it should work, because it now leaves us very vulnerable, very vulnerable to other terror groups coming in and having a hospitable place from which to operate.

This was the problem of Syria. The caliphate was able to establish itself in Syria and launch all kinds of heinous things on the rest of the world. And so we should be protecting ourselves against that. It’s not that hard and the idea that somehow he’s saying, well, you know, it’s not our problem.

Actually, it sounds very much like Donald Trump, if you think about it, right, because he said exactly that same thing. But Joe Biden’s now saying this, ‘it’s not our problem.’ And yet instead of actually coming up with a strategy to get out and help the people to help themselves. He’s leaving behind utter total chaos, and you know what, that’s on him and it’s so preventable and therefore so wrong in every way, shape or form, everybody should remember this moment in time.

He hasn’t even been president a year. He’s not even a year in. And we’re dealing with crazy inflation a la 1970s and that Saigon moment. I mean, he actually said, can you believe this? ‘Oh, there will be nothing like Saigon, nothing like Vietnam. There won’t be a helicopter on top of the roof.’ And yet there was the helicopter on top of the roof!

I encourage everyone not to forget about this, I encourage you all to remember that image. Have it imprinted in your mind.

Meanwhile, think about who is this that’s running the country. Why would he do something so poorly thought out? Hmm. For a political point.?Because he said he would end Afghanistan, he wants to end Afghanistan, you know, he’s still got, what, three and a half years? He had time, but he chose to do this now in a way that politically, I would argue is in fact suicidal.

You know, there’s another guy out there waiting in the wings who’s had a very good track record in Florida, who went to Yale Law School. And actually was in the JAG program in Fallujah, that would be none other than Governor Ron de Santis out of Florida. And I’ll tell you this, politically speaking, this is a heck of a thing to be able to run on now. Because you can see the comparison taking place. You can see the commercials writing themselves right now with Joe Biden saying it’s not going to be Saigon, and then all of a sudden you see the helicopters, they can run those shots, you know, from the past and the present right next to each other.

The other thing they can talk about at length is the inflation issue, which brings us to another real problem that we’re trying to cope with. I urge everybody to really think about how they’re going to protect themselves because inflation is real. Inflation is happening 7.8% the other day on the producer price index. We’ve got five point four percent of an increase in consumer prices that the producer prices, which, by the way, gets transferred eventually to consumers. That was an all time record. So we’ve got record breaking inflation data. We’ve got us pulling out shamefully out of Afghanistan. And we’ve got the 1970s. Jimmy Carter environment all over again.

So Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, is going to look pretty good, right, in comparison, in an economy that stayed open, an economy that continued to thrive, and by the way, a guy who knows what was at stake in Afghanistan.

It’s pretty shameful when you think about it, and again, I get back to this just so prevent preventable and the fact that he wasn’t willing to take the time. Or sit everybody down and come up with a strategy to think this one through and do it right.

I just ask, how can he be the president of the United States, how can the secretary of state be the secretary of state? And and not think through all implications, I get it, nobody ever said they were smart. They’re really proving how stupid they are.

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Biden: Afghanis Need To ‘Fight For Themselves’

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