Trish Regan: ‘This is a Nationalization of Our Banks’

Trish Regan is asking why the government is so keen to save some banks but not others? In the latest edition of her podcast, The Trish Regan Show, Regan said the conspiracy theorists may be onto something.

After all, the government promised to lend money to all banks to prevent them from going under as recently as Sunday. Yet, on Thursday? Regan pointed out that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that not all banks will be saved.

The government, Yellen said, would make the decision as to which banks needed assistance.

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According to Regan, this is very different than what was promised.

Meanwhile, Regan says, it gets worse…

The Wall Street Journal reports that key executives at First Republic, one of the banks under fire (and a recipient of a $30 billion bailout from larger banks), sold shares of stock in the bank in the days and weeks prior to the crisis.

“As I have explained at length, one of the reasons for this current mess stems from the Federal Reserve’s massive money printing operation along with the Biden administration’s massive spending,” said Regan.

Risky government policies, she said, led to inflation. Yet, Yellen refused to take blame in today’s hearing.

Listen to the entire show on Apple podcasts, or watch on Youtube by subscribing to the free channel.

Regan is also joined by special guest Alfredo Ortiz, head of the Job Creator’s network. Alfredo for his take on the current banking crisis, the threat to small business owners, and the student loan case that Jobs Creators Network brought the Supreme Court.

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