TRISH REGAN: People Are Too Optimistic About The Market Right Now

Trish Regan said on her podcast that Americans are too optimistic about the markets right now.


“In light of what’s still coming, people are still too optimistic,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “You had about $2 billion worth of equity, stocks and ETFs being purchased by individual retail investors on Tuesday. The market’s down 1,300, and everybody’s like, ‘oh ok this is my time to get in.’ And of course they are listening to people who say, ‘you gotta remember, you buy low and you sell high.’ Timing is tricky.”

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That market drop came in part because of inflation data released last week showed higher prices on a range of goods and services only offset by a drop in gas prices that is likely temporary.

Higher prices means the Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates more, which could have a significant negative impact on the economy.

“What I don’t think [these retail buyers] are really thinking through, number one, everything else that is going to happen in the macro economy because of what the Fed needs to do, and two, they are not taking into account whether or not there is enough fear. Which, clearly there wasn’t because they are all rushing in, and the Vix effectively proved it. I say that only to say one, it’s very hard to time. You cannot really accurately time a market. It’s an extremely difficult thing to do…”

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