Trish: ‘LatinX’ is an Insulting Term Being Used To Divide Us

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According to a brand new poll, the Hispanic community isn’t buying this whole Latina gender neutral stuff. And can you blame them? A newly released Gallup poll, shows only four percent of them use the term. I’m not surprised at all. I mean, by the way, it’s not like the media hasn’t tried to suffocate the entire Hispanic community and everybody else with this term Latina. If you scroll through a Google News feed, you’ll see this is apparently the only proper politically correct way to refer to Hispanics, which is actually when you really think about it. Comical and insulting, right, and it makes me think that this had to have been created this term by a bunch of people who actually have no idea how to speak Spanish or any romance language, for that matter.

Hello, everyone. Oh, by the way, I’m right on that when you look at the history of this word.¬†Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Trish Regan show. I am Trish. A reminder, make sure you subscribe to this podcast. You can download it on Spotify, Apple, iTunes, anywhere you get your podcast and go to my website,, subscribe to my newsletter so we can stay in touch.

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Meanwhile, at some point, go through your news feed and check this Latin next thing out. Everyone’s talking about it. This is all this is the only term they use from the L.A. Times to NBC News to Yahoo! ABC News. They are all referring to Hispanics by using the term Latino. And yet they’re all wondering, the left can understand, why isn’t this term catching on a little more? I mean, maybe let me just take a stab at it. I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe it’s because Spanish, like Italian and French and Portuguese, is a language that depends on masculine and feminine terms in order to communicate. In other words, there’s literally no translation for this whole Latin thing. It makes literally no sense at all. And what’s more, by telling Hispanics that they should go by Latin, these lefties, these activists are insulting an entire population’s language. I have more on that in just a moment. But first, a quick word from one of our sponsors.


It is just insulting.

So the word originated sometime around 2004, according to Oprah daily. Yeah. Because they’re all over this. You know, they they quote a professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at Stony Brook University who said it came about in activist circles, primarily in the U.S., as an expansion of earlier gender inclusive variations, such as Latino Latina with a slash in it. So. Yeah, like that made sense, right again. Clearly, nobody spoke Spanish, they came up with this thing! I’ve seen similar explanations, not just the Stoneybrook guy, and that does make sense. I mean, of course, it makes sense. Right? Think about it. A bunch of activists trying to remake the world in a gender neutral way. And they say to themselves:

‘hey, you know, there’s this Hispanic population. They’re kind of a big deal. So maybe we can just rename them and get them on this political bandwagon. Forget Hispanic, right? You can’t use that because that’s already out there and it’s just too neutral. We need a whole new word. We need a whole new word with political overtones to kind of convey something more. Let’s go with Latin X!’

Except, of course, that any romance language is going to have masculine and feminine words. And so you’re just effectively telling a whole ton of people all over the world that you have no respect at all for their language. You want to remake their language, not just them. I

mean, how can this be an inclusive term when it’s a slap in the face to all those that speak that language?

By the way, let’s take the word ‘table’ in Spanish, one would say ‘La Mesa,’ right? Or. So you’re putting something on the table or ‘Una Mesa’ or something. You know, a table. You hear the LA you hear that ‘una’ or ‘la’ mesa, because it’s a feminine noun.

The word ‘book’, that’s ‘el Libro.’ Again, everything, you know, whether you like it or not. Nouns have genders in these romance languages.

Yet, the crazy radicals, the activists, you know, they’re too dumb to actually recognize any of that. They’re so in their own world that they don’t pay attention to what’s really going on. And so now they’re scratching their heads saying, ‘why aren’t more people using our term LatinX?’ Only four percent of Hispanics, according to this new study, are using it. So there you go.

The activists on the left, they need to learn a little bit more and talk a little bit less while we’re on the topic of labels.

Meanwhile, a new Gallup poll has found that 58 percent of black Americans do not care which term either black or African-American is used to describe their racial group. In fact, just 17 percent prefer to be called African-American, which was at one point I remember the term that was always being pushed. Right. That was the politically correct term to use. That was like the LatinX of of the day. And so lately it’s changed. Now, a lot of people are saying ‘people of color.’ I mean, all of these terms are sort of controversial, right? ¬†African-American, obviously controversial because a lot of people may be black and didn’t come from Africa. You know, they they they don’t want to be labeled in such a way. ‘People of color’ also comes with a whole string baggage. Because what about everybody else? I mean, it’s just it’s sort of nuts. And I guess what I’m getting at when you look at these studies is that maybe, just maybe people really don’t see themselves through labels the way these leftist activists want them to write.

Could it be that maybe Americans are just just American? The politicians want to make this, that or the other. They want to divide us. They’re using race. They’re using gender. They’re using these things to try to divide us, but when it kind of gets down to it, people are just people. And I think we all know that, like in our hearts, right? We are.

We’re just people and we’re Americans at that, which is why most of us still like the national anthem and we still have tremendous pride in our flag. I mean, I realize I’m reaching for the stars right now, trying to suggest that as a nation, we might actually follow Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s advice and try not to see color, because right now it’s it’s like that’s all the left wants us to see. But remember, it’s politically motivated and that’s tremendously sad. And I do predict it’s going to backfire. We’re seeing evidence of that, in fact, right now in New York City of it backfiring on the Democrats. I want you to go and check out my podcast from Thursday, August 5th, on Comrade de Blasio episode number 139, because I’m telling you, there is a kind of political disaster that’s about to happen on the left right now. You know what?

It’s good for conservatives, but it’s it’s amazing because it sort of makes you realize that. These politicians, they just aren’t that smart. Well, there’s a headline for you, right? Anyway, make sure you tune in tomorrow. We’re going to dove in to the middle class issues that are really tormenting this country and our economy right now. Going to see you right back here tomorrow. In the meantime, go to Trish Intel dot com.


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