Trish: Dems Go Nuclear With Alleged Plan To Pack the Supreme Court

Dems are reportedly planning the political equivalent of a nuclear war.

According to The Intercept, Democrats intend to unveil a plan Thursday to change the composition of the Supreme Court. They aim to increase the number of justices on the bench from nine to 13. The move would effectively wipe out the current 6-3 conservative majority on the bench.

Conservatives, including myself, warned of this possibility during the election. (Click here to read my op-ed from September 2020, “Left Looks To Pack The Court”.) The move would be extreme and “packing the court” (as it is known) would diminish the separation of power that is so special and unique to our American system of governing.

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During the campaign, President Biden refused to say what his position on court packing and Kamala Harris also refused to respond while campaigning as Vice President. Nonetheless, Joe Biden was critical of any such efforts on the courts…though that was way back when…in the mid-90s.

And, as I’ve said over and over, the current Democrat party is not at all like the Democrat party I remember growing up. This is now a party of politically rabid radicals that do not care what lengths they must go to to unset any semblance of conservatism in government. Even if it means destroying a branch of government considered sacred.

This is a treacherous moment in history, and if the Democrats were to be successful, they would reduce the Judicial Branch of government to a partisan bunch similar to the U.S. Congress.

The plan was reported on first by Ryan Grim of The Intercept.

President Biden recently established a 36-member presidential commission to “examine” the expansion of the Supreme Court. At the time, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said it was, “a direct assault on our nation’s independent judiciary and yet another sign of the Far Left’s influence over the Biden Administration.”


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