Trish: Barack’s Hollywood Extravaganza Snubs America

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Now, that’s a tent, right?

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Barack Obama, former President Barack Obama, single handedly given new meaning to the political term, big tent! YOf course, in this case, Americans–they’re not invited. They’re not invited to the Democrats big tent party. You gotta be totally in the club, in the click, really. I mean, it’s actually gone beyond the circus tent at this point. It’s a full-on Hollywood extravaganza, uber expensive party that he had. And guess what, America? You’re not invited to the party. Of course. Don’t kid yourself. You never were. Hello everyone. Welcome to the Trish Regan show. I’m Trish.

Did you see that thing on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend? Former President Barack Obama becoming the poster child for do as I say, not as I do. You see, the party was supposed to be scaled down from 700 to well, who knows? But I guess Tank Company didn’t get the memo and apparently the celebrities didn’t either, because they’re all flying in. And again, you think about the hypocrisy here. What gets me is John Kerry on his private jet, again, our climate czar there on his private jet. You had Oprah allegedly there. She was spotted in town, pop star Alicia Keys, who was going to sing him happy birthday, of course. I mean, only in America. Right. Where else do you go from? Community organizer pushing a socialist agenda to president and now proud owner of a twelve million dollar estate where you count your close friends and family as I’m sorry, John Legend and his wannabe Kim Kardashian wife, Chrissy Teigen. Or however you say his name, her name. Wow, Oprah again, Alicia Keys, John Kerry. Only in America. We’re going to get to this sort of let them eat ice cream mentality. Nancy Pelosi was spotted in town, too, by the way, although apparently she was disinvited. We’ll talk about that. But first, quick word from one of our sponsors. (Commercial.)

Anyway, back to this quote unquote intimate family affair. I love that intimate family affair. Yeah, right. I mean, you got to appreciate the spin here when family is suddenly Beyonce and Jay-Z and John Legend in The Wife, I mean, when family is now George Clooney and Bradley Cooper and Late Show host Stephen Colbert. And did I forget? No, no. I told you about the climate czar, right. Arriving on his own private jet, John Kerry. I mean, come on, guys, this is your big happy family. Give me a break. I mean, the fact is, all of these people, all these people in the club have conspired together to cancel out everybody else. Right. They’re canceling half the country. They’re trying to bury anyone who does not agree with them. You’re either inaugural. So let’s be clear. This isn’t family. This is like some kind of cabal. And it’s so messed up that it’s not just Barack Obama and his birthday bash, but the entire political infrastructure. Right. That has sprung up around this culture. Think about it.

Nancy Pelosi, according to the Daily Mail, great website, was not invited. In fact, she was disinvited. That’s how I should say. She was disinvited. She had been invited. And then they, you know, they scaled down and suddenly Nancy didn’t have an invite. But you know what? She she still showed up in Martha’s Vineyard. I’m like, who does that? First of all, who really wants to go to the thing anyway? And then how would you torture yourself by still going when you’re not even invited? But that’s what she did. She’s there in Martha’s Vineyard because apparently she’s got all these other events surrounding the Barack Obama birth. A party, I mean, really, it shows you what a money making enterprise, right, what big money really is in the Democrat Party. I told you just a couple of weeks ago about George Soros, his million dollar donation to a super PAC looking to defund the police. It’s actually right on their website. I mean, look, the problem is that the left is increasingly not looking like they’re on America’s side. Right, when it’s George Clooney and Bradley Cooper and Reverend Al Sharpton and the rest of them, it doesn’t feel like they’re on America’s side when they’re saying defund the police. But, oh, by the way, we get to have our own security. Corey Bush not even embarrassed about it. She’s spending 200000 dollars on her own security while simultaneously doubling down. This is the Democrat from Missouri doubling down on defund the police.

Look, this whole birthday thing, I think this really showcases you. The problem, the disconnect we have between America’s elite and the rest of the country. The left is out there saying, ‘oh, we’re looking out for average folks.’ I mean, you really aren’t. And not to mention you have nothing in common anymore with any average folks. This happens. This happens anywhere. Socialism starts to creep in. Right. You wind up having a party that’s in charge, that’s controlling everything that is made up of the wealthiest people in the country. And then, you know, everybody else. Good luck. I mean, how else do you explain that the Maduro family, also the Chavez family as well. Hugo Chavez has since died, but his family made off quite well. How do you explain their wealth right in the face of so much poverty in Venezuela? You see it all through Latin America. Similar story in Cuba. It tends to happen because unfortunately, power corrupts.

And when Hollywood and the media are in charge of this narrative, you run into a very distorted sort of view of the world. And these members of the media that are perpetuating this while they all they still love Barack Obama, of course. And they love Hollywood, of course. And they love socialism. Of course.

I mean, you didn’t see any complaints about this, really? I just saw it in the conservative media. But, I remember reading everywhere about Steve Schwarzman, who’s the private equity founder at Blackstone, and he had his sixtieth birthday bash in 2007. And the media went bonkers like bonkers. And they just vilified him in in such a massive way. How dare he have a birthday party like that when the country is hurting? I would just say, how dare Barack Obama have a party like that when the country is hurting? And by the way, his own darn party is is threatening more lockdown’s. It’s so inconsistent.

But again, it speaks to this sense of entitlement among so many in that class system now, it really it’s increasingly feeling like a class, right, this divide, and it’s the elites, the liberal elites and then the rest of America. And it’s got to change, because I’ll tell you this, we are nothing without our middle class. The middle class is the backbone of this country, but it’s being destroyed as we speak. I’m going to get into this in a big way tomorrow because I want to talk to you a little bit about this educational complex that’s growing. Right. You think about military complexes of the that came out of the 60s. And we’re looking at effectively an education complex that’s being funded by U.S. taxpayers and by our future and it can’t continue. So we’re going to get into that in a big way tomorrow. I want to remind you to go to Trish Intel Dotcom. I want to remind you to sign up for my newsletter. Follow me on social media, on Twitter at Trish Show. Underscore Raegan on Facebook at Trish Regan. You can follow me on Instagram at Trish Show. Underscore Reagen in all of these places, but importantly, go to the website. All your political economic market news is there at Trish Intel dot com. Sign up for the newsletter and I’m going to be back with you tomorrow. And we’re digging in deep to the education problem that we have that will suffocate us economically if we don’t do something now. An important show coming up. Have a wonderful day and I will see you right back here tomorrow.

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