Trish: All Votes Matter! It’s a Big, Hot, MESS


The president is calling it election fraud!

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The left is calling *him* a fraud…

And, we’ve got the makings for you might call… a big HOT MESS!

The reality is?

Half the country just isn’t going to buy that Joe Biden won this presidency, while the other half thinks Biden’s the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But, no matter what happens? I can promise you this; Biden is not the son of god–and, Donald Trump isn’t going away…

Not for a minute!

A Disastrous Count and the Media is Playing Favorites

I’m not happy with this counting process. For goodness sake: It’s like who’s on first. They spring a leak at a building in Georgia and suddenly shut-down the count on the biggest election night in modern history? Seriously?!

So here’s the deal: we should not be happy until every single solitary LEGAL vote in this country is properly counted.

Because we deserve that. Every vote counts…ALL VOTES MATTER… as they say. So, count them. And stop… please stop…with all the predictions (mainstream media) before you’ve gotten receipts for the real data.

It seems the mainstream media is out there, trying to rush this through… and I’m sorry, but this year, they should all should know better.


This is NOT the time for Chicago style politics…

It’s clear this is a close election… so why not wait for ALL the votes in Arizona?! Even local government there says no official count can be made until 450-thousand more votes are counted.

In Nevada, the state is. Taking forever to count its ballots… and Biden is ahead with a razor-thin margin…. The Trump campaign has alleged shenanigans there with the potential of illegal votes.

So, what the heck are the American people supposed to think right now …as we get word that a Michigan post office worker tells project veritas that he was supposed to backdate mail-in ballots?

“Separate them from standard mail so they can have them stamp them with YESTERDAY’S DATE AND PUT THEM THROUGH” was the order the whistleblower tells a reporter from Project Veritas. Wow. Just wow.

Then, you’ve got the Trump campaign being prevented from witnessing the ballot counting process?

Can you blame Donald Trump for believing that big media, big tech, big money (think Bloomberg’s billions bankrolling the Dems’ efforts) combined with the democrat machinery… all having conspired together against him from the beginning? That’s what the president said in his press conference Thursday afternoon… and what did the networks do? THEY CUT AWAY…ACCUSING HIM effectively of undermining the democratic process… but, shouldn’t it be OUR DECISIONS AS VIEWERS AS TO WHETHER OR NOT WE WANT TO WATCH? I mean, it’s still a free country after all, isn’t it?

A fair question these days… in an environment of cancel culture and mob rule…

All I can say is: this is a mess. A hot mess. And, states SHOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER PREPARED.

The above show aired November 6, 2020


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