Tik Tok Is Not Safe For Teens, Americans Say

Tik Tok has been the subject of controversy almost since its creation, and now the majority of Americans are saying it is not safe for teenagers.


Rasmussen Reports released the polling data, which found only 26% of Americans say the Chinese company has a positive influence on culture.

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“About half of Americans believe the popular social media platform TikTok is bad, and even more think it is dangerous for teenagers,” the group said. “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 49% of American Adults believe TikTok has a negative influence on American culture, including 22% who think its influence is Very Negative. Just 26% say TikTok’s influence on American culture is positive, including eight percent (8%) who see it as a Very Positive influence. Another 12% are not sure.”

The platform has also raised major national security concerns since the app is particularly invasive and gives Chinese interests alarming access to the devices using it.

This poll comes after another similar poll this summer which found that the majority of Americans support banning Tik Tok.

The poll from Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group found that “58.6 percent of voters support efforts to remove Tik Tok from app stores now that the company has revealed that American’s user data can be accessed by Tik Tok employees in China.”

The national security threat and negative influence on youth have left Americans with a negative view of the company.

“TikTok not only presents a grave national security threat to the United States, but research is also finding it is highly addictive and dangerous for young people. In addition, TikTok is run by ByteDance—a company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party,” said Mark Meckler, former CEO of Parler and President of Convention of States Action. “A majority of voters agree that TikTok’s digital warfare against the United States must be stopped, and expect Washington,DC—which has the ability to do something about this right now—to take action now to protect our nation, rather than pandering Chinese influence.”

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