Tension Over Vaccines Spurs Support For Brexit in U.K.

More people are beginning to approve of “Brexit” in the U.K. amid an increase in tension between the EU and Great Britain over vaccines.

According to a new survey from Bloomberg, support for Brexit in the U.K. is on an upswing as hostilities between Europe and Great Britain emerge amid vaccine shortages in the EU. 67% of the responders in the 2,002 person survey, say the EU behaved in a “hostile” way to Britain. Just 18% believe the European Union acted as an ally and as a friend.

A change in attitude was significantly noticeable among those that voted against Brexit and wanted to stay part of the European Union.

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The new study shows how concerns over trade and vaccines have erupted in a frayed relationship between the EU and the UK. The UK formally left the European Union three months ago and a series of domino affects have since taken place — including a return of old tensions in Northern Ireland. 

At present, roughly 18% of EU residents have received the vaccine, compared with 55% in the United Kingdom. The EU has been highly criticized for mismanaging its vaccination program. Delays in production and distribution have plagued the region, as well as increasing concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine.



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