Socialism in New York: Undocumented Workers To Receive Up to $15,600

The state of New York is going full-on socialist.

In a revolutionary move, New York is about to offer up to $15,600 in one-time payments to undocumented workers that lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new $2.1 billion “excluded workers fund” is part of the state’s new massive $212 billion budget deal reached on Tuesday.

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The $2.1 billion carve-out for undocumented workers is the biggest aide program in the country, and nearly triple the size of California’s cash assistance program set up last year to give undocumented immigrants a $500 one-time payment on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The fund is expected to benefit as many as 290,000 undocumented workers in New York. They would each receive up to $15,600 — or the equivalent of $300 for the last week. They must prove that they were state residents last year, ineligible for unemployment benefits, and lost income as a result of the pandemic.

There are numerous problems with this fund.

Let’s begin with the obvious and unfortunate reality that New York cannot afford this. While I do not doubt that the program is a generous gesture, New York can’t even manage to pay its own bills. The state is billions of dollars in the whole but, instead of slashing spending and trying to entice individuals and businesses back to the state with incentives to be in New York? The state is doing the exact opposite.

New York is raising taxes (thereby discouraging those with money from residing in, or doing business in, the state) while simultaneously spending more and more on social welfare projects. Governor Cuomo announced $4 billion in tax hikes targeting high earners in the last week.

Why is this handout happening NOW? When the so-called “war” with coronavirus has come to an almost end? At least California enacted its programs when undocumented people most needed it.

There’s also the issue of “unintended consequences.” By providing promises of hand-outs, our economic policy is leading to tragedy. 177,000 people flooded the Southwest border last month — the most in 20 years. There is indeed a correlation between the promises made by the democrat party and the number of people coming to the border. Because we’re so ill-equipped to handle the crisis, the border has become a humanitarian crisis. Families are putting their own children in harm’s way in order to secure them entry to the USA.

There is also a question of economic fairness that should be addressed. Why are Democrats making the moral decision to extend hand-outs to people that are not citizens? This money belongs to the citizens of New York. $15,600 is a lot of money. And many New York tax payers may be thinking, ‘gee – that money would have helped me. Don’t I count?’

Again, I’d emphasize that we are all generous people – as Americans, we believe in helping those in need. But, as Americans, we are also realists.

If Governor Cuomo and Mayor deBlasio had done their jobs last spring, fewer people would have lost their lives in nursing homes, fewer people would have lost their jobs as a result of mass closures…and, many more people would still be in New York today.

$15,600 per person is a lot of money. This is “stimulus” that New York cannot afford. It’s what you might call: Too much…and too late.


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