‘Shamanic Diet’ in Jail: Horn Helmet-wearing Protester Lost 20 Lbs

“Shamanic belief system and way of life” which requires consuming only organic food, seem to have led Jacob Chansley the horn helmet-wearing protester to lose 20 pounds in jail.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ordered corrections authorities to provide organic food to Chansley who stands accused of participating in the U.S. Capitol riots while wearing a furry hat with horns.

Judge Lamberth said corrections officials have made dietary religious exemptions for inmates who are Muslim and Jewish and couldn’t cite an instance when they denied such a request based on a perceived lack of religious merit, reported Fox News.

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What is ‘Shamanism’ and the ‘Shamanic Diet’?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day. First and foremost, shamans’ practices are practical and adaptable. These practices coexist over millennia with varying cultures, systems of government, and organized religious practices.

Shamanic diet – or organic plant based meal is an advanced Shamanic technique and should be done with expert guidance and supervision. A prerequisite of any diet is to cleanse all parts of the body, particularly the liver and colon. The food you will eat during the diet will have no sugar, salt or fat. This means no fruit (too much sugar), no oil (too much fat), and of course, no salt. Also, you must refrain from any food which has its own medicinal properties, like healing herbs. And finally, only food that is indigenous to the area where the diet takes place should be eaten. Diets vary, but in general you will take the plant you are dieting daily and participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony every few days. Ayahuasca allows Spirit to open up to the healing properties of the plant being dieted.

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