Senate Republicans Call Out ‘Squad’ for ‘Hatred’ of Israel, Jews

After months of anti-semitic and anti-Israel comments from the most liberal members of Congress, also known as the Squad, some Republican Senators are saying enough is enough.

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Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., introduced a resolution in the Senate this week condemning this kind of rhetoric and tying it to incidents of violence against Jews in America.

The resolution states that “acts of violence against Jewish people in the United States and around the world and the poisonous rhetoric from politicians and others promoted by the media that has helped inspire such violence is condemnable and has no place in society.”

The resolution also calls out members of the Squad for their role in the anti-Israel sentiments.

The resolutions notes “a Member of Congress called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ‘’ethno-nationalist’ on the floor of the House of Representatives and in a tweet accused the Israeli military of committing war crimes,” references to actions by members of the Squad, also noting that “a Member of Congress described Israel in a tweet as an ‘’apartheid state.'”

The Anti-Defamation League reports that anti-semitic attacks have risen during the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“Antisemitism is a unique prejudice with a unique history, which has resulted in unique horrors throughout history,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who introduced the resolution with Sen. Hawley. “This wave of abhorrent violence is directed at Jews for being Jewish, just like Hamas is firing rockets into Israel because they want to murder Jews and eliminate the Jewish state. The Senate has come together in the past to condemn antisemitism in these terms, without watering down our condemnation by reference to equally abhorrent but different forms of hatred. The Democrat House seems unable to do so, but I am hopeful that we can do so again, and I’m proud to join Sen. Hawley’s resolution.”

The resolution condemns the rhetoric of the Squad and goes on to make clear that Congress should not stand for anti-semitic comments.

The Senate resolution “denounces the poisonous anti-Israel rhetoric of elected officials that has inflamed hatred and inspired escalating violence against Jews…”

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