Russia Probe: Durham Building Indictments Focused On Top FBI Leadership

SOLOMON: “Everything that I see in the activity of the investigation, everything I hear from defense lawyers and others that are familiar with what’s going on is that if he is building a small number of indictments trying to get the evidence to get there, there have been some delays. There’s fights over evidence behind closed doors, grand jury fights but all the evidence is pointing him trying to bring criminal charges probably in the first quarter of this year. There’s a new sheriff in time, when Merck Garland gets — Merrick Garland gets confirmed as attorney general as we expect he will, he’ll have a say. Maybe he’ll put the case and set it aside. Right now, John Durham looks to be building a small number of indictments focused on the top of the FBI. That’s very important. The very top of the leadership of the FBI. That’s where he’s looking.”

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