Opinion: Trish Regan Slams Biden ‘Resign Now!’

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This is truly tragic happening right now. It was so preventable if we had just had the right plan.

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I knew Joe Biden would be bad for economic policy. I wasn’t fond of his foreign policy. But nonetheless, I certainly didn’t expect anything like this! I didn’t expect that we would have dead American soldiers and threats of multiple terror attacks amid multiple terror attacks there in Afghanistan. I never expected anything like this, nor do I think many others did, which is why you are now seeing both sides of the aisle condemn the president of the United States for his very poor performance that is costing American lives in Afghanistan.

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Because this really is a tragedy they’re talking about at last count, 13 American military members that have died. Upwards of 60 Afghanis that have died, that were desperately trying to get out of the country, and I think everybody is just sort of in a little bit of shock.

There was the press conference yesterday afternoon where also the president in an extraordinarily, poor manner (and showing such extraordinarily poor form) tried to blame these events on the past president. Yes, there was an exchange with Peter Doocy from Fox, actually, where Peter asked him the obvious question, which is, do you bear any responsibility for what has happened to which the president then said, I do bear responsibility. But you’ll recall there was a president before me that made a plan with the Taliban to get out on May 1st. So I’m sorry. Excuse me. Apparently, you know, you pick and choose the plans that you adhere to. You didn’t have to adhere to Trump’s plan, for goodness sake. You’re the President of the United States, Joe Biden! Rise to the occasion. You got rid of the Keystone pipeline. You got rid of the border wall. So couldn’t you just say, “you know what, I’m not going to go for this exit plan? It’s not the right timing for me and for my generals and our military.” You could have done that. You should have done that.

But, Joe Biden didn’t do it because for some reason. You see, I beleive this president had the agenda of wanting so badly to give a speech on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and tell the whole world we were ‘out.’ 

Nobody wants forever wars. I get that. But, you know what? When you get out, you got to do so with some proper planning so that you’re not leaving American soldiers there to die.

And the people that helped America for the last 20 years there to die, there still are reports of Americans that are stuck in Afghanistan and cannot get out. And this truly is unthinkable.

There are those that are calling for impeachment. We’ve heard a chorus of people on the right calling for his impeachment. And I would say that that is an extraordinarily challenging situation. I realize that the left did that [impeachment] with Trump, but I’m not saying to two wrongs make a right here. I mean, look, I think if if you can prove high crimes and misdemeanors. Yes. But what is challenging is can you impeach for total incompetence? He is risking America and American lives as a result.

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Again, this is a real tragedy unfolding before our eyes in Afghanistan. And I suspect given what our intelligence community has been hearing, it’s not over. So there will be more lives lost. There will be likely more American soldiers lost. There will be more Afghanis lost. And you say to yourself, “what the heck for? So he [Biden] could make a speech?” But, now he doesn’t get to make the speech he wanted to make so, he turns around and blames it on Trump.

That was pretty appalling.

I’m sorry, we’re we’re at a kind of war right now with ISIS, by the way, all over again, because it’s ISIS k, ISIS, doing this. And, the Taliban is who we are relying on for our security?! The Taliban was even provided with a list of names of Americans that the US wants to protect. I mean, I’d be pretty nervous if I was on that list and the Taliban had it in its hands, would you not? And how can you trust the Taliban when we’ve now just had multiple, multiple suicide bomber attacks?

I’m amazed at the stupidity. I mean, Biden needs to do the honorable thing at this point. He needs to resign now, I realize, yes, there will be a chorus of people wanting to impeach him. And if you look at how politicized the environment was around Donald Trump, for goodness sakes, they’re impeaching him over a phone call with the head of Ukraine at the time, the president of Ukraine. And we’re talking about American lives that have been lost now and significant danger to the world going forward. Because, you know, and I explain this, I explained this earlier this week, the threat of new terror attacks with the Haqqani network there as part of the Taliban having a seat at the table and now ISIS having a seat at the table as well. Don’t kid yourself. I realize I realize that the professionals are all saying, “oh, don’t worry, the Taliban is actually on our side because they’re self-interested and they want us out of there and they know the way to get us out of there is to make sure that there are no problems.”

The Taliban who allowed al-Qaida to coexist, effectively nurtured it there for years and then we paid the price.

We’re supposed to do this all over again with the Haqqani network and ISIS and anybody who wants to go and do bad stuff and inflict pain on Americans gets a safe harbor in Afghanistan because Joe Biden decides we don’t need to be there anymore?

Twenty five hundred troops. If you could have kept twenty five hundred troops there and then slowly. Slowly gotten out in a way that was not this, wouldn’t you have taken that option? I mean, this is this is pretty this is pretty awful and for anyone who’s out there, James Carville, I know, has been saying, ‘oh, well, you know, this is just what happens. It was going to happen.’ You know what? It didn’t need to happen like this. And I don’t want to hear that. That is so disrespectful to the people that have now lost their lives.

It didn’t have to happen like this, and if we had some more strategic and less political people there in the White House, a little less concerned with speeches and more concerned with ground game. Then we wouldn’t be in this position today.

So if he were an honorable man, yes, he would resign and turn over the reins to his vice president. Of course, that would then we’re stuck with her.  So pick your poison here, because this is not a good outcome in any way. Then Kamala Harris is President Kamala Harris, who just laughs every time she’s presented with something serious who chooses to go oddly to Vietnam. Very interesting comparison, right? Given what we’re seeing right now, actually, I would argue this is this is worse than Vietnam. This exit is far worse. It’s it’s the worst we’ve seen in probably more than a decade. This many American soldiers killed certainly within the last two years. I don’t think we’ve lost any American soldiers. It is it is unnecessary. It is horrific. And if nothing else?

Fire Blinken. Fire, fire, fire your Secretary of State, change out your generals, do whatever you have to do. But we can’t allow this kind of incompetence to continue right now. It is too dangerous for America, it is too dangerous for the world.

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Hopefully we have some better news because you know what? We’re going to have to start to rethink everything. Right now. I’m telling you this: We need to think strategically about what happens next because we’re talking about many, many, many problems, many national security problems, many terror threats that will arise out of one man’s very poor, very, very dumbly thought-out actions. And that’s putting it nicely. Thank you again for tuning in. I’m going to see you right back here tomorrow.

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