Musk Rips Cancel Culture – Praises Joe Rogan

Elon Musk is a vocal critic of cancel culture and censorship. He is also a fan of trolling his opponents on Twitter.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX caused quite a stir again with his latest memes on the topic. Firstly, Musk celebrated the success of Joe Rogan’s podcast with a meme critical of mainstream media.

Rogan hosts a widely popular podcastThe Joe Rogan Experience,” and does not shy away from controversial topics. 

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Musk shared an image suggesting that the MSM is losing to Joe Rogan, due to “decades of blatant lies” that destroyed its credibility. He added that it is “heartening the see the rise of individualist vs corporate media.”

Musk is not alone in his views. Billy Marcus, the creator of Dogecoin and a frequent replier to Musk’s tweets agreed.

Markus said that the mainstream media went from holding governments and people accountable to agenda-driven narrative control. Musk agreed with his reply.

Later, Musk shared another meme highlighting the cancel culture on Twitter. The doctored image shows a Twitter login screen advertising the platform as a way to lose your job.

“Say anything you want – Wait 5-10 years – Surprise, you’re fired,” the image wrote. Musk ironically added that it’s a “good thing I never post anything controversial.”

Musk has had so many controversial Tweets that it’s even hard to count. Specifically, he does not shy away from questioning the official COVID 19 response or attacking the radical left.

He also said that the “woke” ideology is a “mind virus” that’s destroying civilization.

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