Joe Rogan’s Ratings Crush Mainstream Media

Just how popular is Joe Rogan? A viral post shows just how much more listeners Joe Rogan may have compared to the mainstream media.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast is a deep dive into a wide variety of topics, from UFC to politics. The show often features controversial guests, and even more controversial topics. And listeners love it – it is the most popular podcast in the U.S.

Unlike many on the mainstream media, -UFC fighter and standup comedian is not afraid to speak his mind. In a recent show, Rogan called out the “deep state” and Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her husband’s stock picks.

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The podcast host also spoke candidly about his COVID treatment, which included taking the controversial Ivermectin drug. These comments prompted a series of mainstream media hit pieces against him, alleging that Rogan was taking “horse dewormer.”

However, unlike other shows, Joe Rogan might be just too big to cancel.  Internet users are sharing a viral social media post that puts the size of the podcast in perspective. The viral post compares the viewership from Joe Rogan’s podcast to that of some of the legacy media shows.

Rogan Dwarfs Mainstream Media

One thing can be certain – things are not looking good for the mainstream media. Specifically, the post uses the data from the third quarter of 2021.

The numbers, which are available to the public, show Fox News dominating TV viewership. In particular, the first five most-watched shows are Fox News shows. Tucker Carlson is ahead of the rest, with 3.24 million viewers per episode.

On the other hand, MSBNC’s Rachel Maddow has the most viewed non-Fox show. The Rachel Maddow Show averaged 2.2 million viewers per episode.

Fresh data paints a similar picture. Tucker Carlson was still number one in the fourth quarter of 2021. Rachel Madow still has the most popular show from a network other than Fox.

All these numbers, however, pale in comparison with Rogan’s 11 million downloads per episode. However, the number is actually just a rough estimate. Spotify, the podcasting platform that hosts Rogan, does not release viewership numbers.

The estimate comes from Rogan himself. In one of his interviews, he said that he gets some 200 downloads per month. With 18 episodes per month, that comes to an average of 11 million per episode.

Rogan’s Young Audience

If those numbers are true, they suggest that mainstream media is in trouble. That is especially true due to the demographics.

The average viewer of Joe Rogan’s show is much younger than the average viewer of CNN or FOX. One survey put the average age of its listeners at 24. On the other hand, the average cable viewer is over 60 years old!

In terms of demographics, Rogan also beats the popular late-night show format. The average viewer of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is 42.3 years old. With an average of 2.95 million viewers, Colbert hosts the most popular late-night show.

All this suggests that there is a huge audience out there for alternative views. That means that the media space of tomorrow will be nothing like what it is now.

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