Ilhan Omar Sounds Off on Electoral College: “Time to Remove Racist Relics”

in a virtual Town Hall Thursday evening, Representative Ilhan Omar, (D-MN) told voters ┬áthat it was time to remove “racist relics from our history including the electoral college and the filibuster.”

She also expressed concerns about “democrat backsliding.”

Omar made the comments while expressing her support for passing the voting reform act bill, know as HR1 “For the People” which aims to expand voting rights.

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HR1 in the House is designed to create creating automatic voter registration across the country. It would also ensure that convicted felons who have finished their sentences be allowed to vote. In addition, the bill expands voting by mail and early voting, while aiming to upgrade voting systems. The bill also seeks to omit any “opaque” funding in campaigns.

H.R.1 has strong, bi-partisan public support; two-thirds (68%) of likely voters say they would back the proposal while just 16% saying they would oppose it. Nonetheless, the bill has political challenges.

On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the democrats introduction of the bill an attempt to “recycle failed legislation” referring to it as a “federal takeover.”

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