Howard Stern Slams Podcast Star Joe Rogan: “We Don’t Want You Here”

The fallout continues after radio star Howard Stern went directly after podcasting star Joe Rogan for his unconventional Covid treatment, as some question how Rogan might respond and even whether he might threaten to sue Stern for misrepresenting his treatment, as he (jokingly) did CNN.

On his radio program, Stern slammed Rogan for taking the highly controversial ivermectin.

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“I heard Joe Rogan was saying, ‘What are you busting my balls [for]? I took horse de-wormer and a doctor gave it to me.’ Well, a doctor would also give you a vaccine, so why take horse-dewormer?” Stern exclaimed on his SiriusXM show.

Stern was referring to Rogan’s threat to sue CNN for allegedly misrepresenting his treatment.

Rogan had previously called out the television network on his popular podcast for saying that Ivermectin, the highly controversial drug the podcaster used to treat Covid-19, is a “horse dewormer.”

“They keep saying I’m taking horse dewormer. I literally got it from a doctor. It’s an American company,” said Rogan. “They won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for use in human beings and CNN is saying I’m taking horse dewormer. They must know that’s a lie.”

Then, turning to his guest, he added, “Bro, do I have to sue CNN? They’re making s**t up!”

Ivermectin has been used to treat humans and the scientists who developed the drug did win the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine in 2015 – however, there are versions that are specifically used to treat livestock.

Some people have taken the drug themselves at doses that are not appropriate for humans and become extremely sick as a result. Indeed, that FDA has warned they have “not authorized or approved ivermectin for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 in humans for animals.”

And so, Stern joined with CNN in attacking Rogan (and others) as he insisted, “We have no time for idiots in this country anymore,” Stern said. “We don’t want you. We want you to all either go the hospital, and stay home, die there with your COVID. Don’t take the cure, but don’t clog up our hospitals with your COVID when you finally get it. Stay home, don’t bother with science, it’s too late. Go F— yourself, we just don’t have time for you.”

Previously, Stern had said on his SiriusXM radio that the vaccine should be mandatory. He  has called people who refuse to get vaccinated “idiots.”

“When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated? F– ’em. F– their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures. This is bullsh*t,” he said. “If you have a heart attack or any kind of problem, you can’t even get into the E.R. And I’m really of a mind to say, ‘Look, if you didn’t get vaccinated and you got Covid, you don’t get into a hospital.’”

Rogan has yet to respond to Stern.


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