Food Lines In Gavin Newsom’s California

It’s unacceptable.

Food lines in the wealthiest nation on earth. And, California–home to the wealthiest of the wealthy–is seeing levels of food insecurity unlike anything in modern history.

Per a local report from KPIX, the local station for whom I once worked early in my career, hundreds of cars line up…three times per week…at the Alameda County Food Bank.

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Per the station, hundreds of cars wait in line…often as long as six hours…just for necessities. And here’s the reality of it all: through poor government planning, and poor government response to Covid-19, we have done this to ourselves.

A shutdown was–and is–painful for the economy. We need a strong economy to fight this… so, Gavin Newsom’s response in California is ill-timed, just as Cuomo’s was in New York. The answer is not, and never was, to shut the economy down…but, rather to adapt. We cannot deprive people of their livelihoods for political reasons… we must ensure that we protect those that are vulnerable while still doing everything possible to maintain a quality of living for every other American.

Food lines–similar to those of the Great Depression are a disgrace. And the politicians have only themselves to thanks. Lousy policies…defeatist policies…lead to hardship. We’re seeing the affects of that in real time.

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