Fauci Gets Political: To Open Schools We Need ‘National Relief Act Passed’

“I think that the schools really do need more resources, and that’s the reason why the National Relief Act that we’re talking about getting passed, we need that,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci on ABC News on Sunday.

Fauci was responding to the host of ABC’s “This Week” George Stephanopoulos who asked if he was confident that “the school districts have the resources they need to reopen safely?”

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“The schools need more resources,” continued Fauci. “The things we didn’t have before, there wasn’t that was there wasn’t anything that was put down solidly on paper on saying these are the kind of things that you should consider. These are the kind of things that you should follow. I mean, there was talk about it, but it wasn’t actually put down in a single document that you could access the teachers, the educators and everyone else can.”

“I think it can be done. I mean, obviously, it’s not a perfect situation, but it’s really important to get the children back to school in as safe as way as possible, safe for the children, but also say for the teachers and the other educators.”

Stephanopoulos also asked Fauci about the recent news from United Kingdom where scientists have concluded that the U.K. variant of Covid-19 “is indeed likely more deadly than other versions of the virus.”

“The U.K. has studied it,” explained Fauci. “They find out that it transmits more efficiently from person to person, which really accounted for the big surge that they had in the U.K. But recent studies also indicate that it is also a bit more deadly. If you want to use that word, it makes people more sick and it’s more likely to lead to serious complications.”

Fauci continued to assure audience that both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were efficient in working against and protecting from UK variant.

“The best way to prevent any serious consequences is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as you possibly can and to double down on the public health measures that, you know, you and I have spoken about on this show so many times, the masking, that distancing, the avoiding congregate settings.”

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