Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary Would Be a Disaster For Our Economy

Politico reported Thursday that Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is eyeing the post of Treasury Secretary if former vice president Joe Biden wins the election on November 3rd. Most investors and economy watchers believe this would be a disastrous move, especially considering the proposals she put forth when running for the nomination.

Warren’s $3 trillion economic plan would have destroyed jobs in America

During her campaign in the Democratic primaries, Warren’s proposed a nearly $3 trillion economic plan, which included a 7 percent surtax on profits on top of Trump’s current tax rates for extremely large companies, who she argued: “make huge profits but pay zero federal corporate income taxes on those profits.” The plan also included a 2 percent levy on all families worth $50 million and charge 6 percent to families worth $1 billion or more. With revenue created, she planned to cancel all student debt, provide universal childcare, guarantee tuition-free college, and invest $1 trillion in “medicare-for-all.”

Warren’s health plan would bankrupt America

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When Warren campaigned against Joe Biden during the Democratic primaries, she proposed a “Medicare-for-all” plan which would have completely overhauled the American health system.

Warren’s plan was to create a public health insurance option that would be free to anyone under 18 and families making less than double the federal poverty line.


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