Blackburn: We Need Targeted Relief For Covid’19

“The bill is an insult to injury for millions of Americans who are still out of work and still need relief,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said on Fox News on Wednesday. “And the president is right about this. The priorities are wrong, and the Democrats’ priority is power and control. It is not about helping people, which is what we have tried to do for months.”

“If this was about getting more money to individuals who are unemployed, the Democrats could have voted for this when we had it on the floor in July or September or twice in October, in November. They voted no. It would have made a difference,” said Blackburn.

“This bill does not prioritize unemployed Americans and is rather used for an agenda to enforce climate change policies and other measures,” continued Blackburn.

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“I think it is fair to say that President Trump fully understands the best economic stimulus is a job, and there is a lot in this bill that gets in the way of economic recovery,” she said.

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