Trish Regan: ‘We’re Got Real Problems, America’

This is a rush transcript of The Trish Regan Show from Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

Trish Regan:  The Teachers Union beating Chicago’s Police Union for mayor out there in Chicago. Not a good sign for the people of Chicago.

Russia is now head of the U.N. Security Council. Not a joke. By the way, I’m not kidding you. I actually had to do some due diligence on this one.

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And, we can’t seem to get any answers from the Administration as to just exactly what China managed to secure by way of Intel when they did all those figure eights above U.S. military sites in their balloon.

Plus, the former president of the United States has just been arraigned. He’s got a lot to say.

Liz Harrington, the spokesperson for Trump’s 2024 campaign — she’s going to be joining us momentarily on all of that and, least I forget: Oh, I love this story. I love this story. Elon Musk’s Twitter has labeled NPR National Public Radio as state affiliated media. I guess there is some. The genie is really out of the bottle. Somebody is actually willing to tell the truth here.

Hello. Welcome to the program, everyone. I am Trish Regan. Portions of the show are brought to you by legacy precious metals. Legacy PM investments, the place to go if you want to learn more about investing in gold and silver.

I’ve got to say, look, with all the scary things going on in the world, let me just take a look at where gold is trading right now. It’s been above $2,000 an ounce.

I’ve been, as you know, very worried about the fundamentals in the U.S. economy and the long term health of the U.S. economy. But even I did not see this one coming, $2,037.70 an ounce as we go to air right now, I might have predicted upwards of 2000 by fall, maybe a number like this by year end.

Let’s start here on Brandon Johnson. So, Brandon Johnson was the Bernie Sanders backed progressive that is now going to be the mayor of Chicago. And it’s a little bit of a head scratcher because let’s not forget, Lori, Lori Lightfoot was a disaster for the city of Chicago.

She’s the one that kept the kids out of school for so long because she was beholden to these teachers unions. Well, what did they do?

They went and got another guy who’s beholden to the teachers unions. You tell me how that’s going to work out for those kids in Chicago. Tell me how it’s going to work out for people in Chicago on the South Side that just want a little safety, want their kids to be able to walk to and from school without having to worry about all the things that they’re worried about right now.

Well, the guy and they were both liberals, by the way, the guy that was actually backed by the police union and wanted to do more to to help ensure safety and improve the economy and get kids in school. He was actually the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. Well, they don’t want anything to do with him. Nope, nope. They went with Bernie Sanders back progressive who is bought and paid for by the teachers unions. So more trouble ahead for the city of Chicago. It’s really kind of tragic, you know. But one day, hopefully, hopefully they learn their lesson and they start electing the right kind of people with the right kind of policies, because that really does matter.

The other story that’s making a lot of headlines today that I just want to sound off on here, the shocking news that Russia is now head of the U.N. Security Council. I mean, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? So at first this came out and people were like, okay, maybe it’s an April Fools joke. I mean, I’ve worked in the media long enough, and every single April Fools, you would always get notes from editors saying, be very careful. Be very, very careful, because there is a tendency for these April Fools jokes to happen, especially in the media, and they can be kind of embarrassing. So be on the lookout. Well, this one this one is no joke. This is no April Fools joke. So the country that is just demolishing Ukraine right now, that is actually being held in this international court in Brussels for war crimes, being charged war crimes. They’re now head of the U.N. Security Council country. They just took an American journalist hostage that’s bombing these cities and killing civilians somehow. Now they are the standard bearer at the U.N., the United Nations. I mean, now we really know the U.N. is one big giant joke and it’s not an April Fools one. This is a big deal position and Russia should not have it.

There is a movement underway in which you would have an alignment that would have effectively this so-called axis of evil, as we refer to them. You’d have Iran, you’d have China, you’d have Russia prior Venezuela thrown in there too, because they get a lot of oil, which everybody needs, and they would be teamed up effectively against the U.S. They want to be an economic power unto themselves. Look, Russia, it’s doing okay for now because it’s got oil and oil prices keep going up. You saw the OPEC cuts the other day. And of course, this administration is bothering to do enough to make sure that we have enough of our own energy resources right here at home. So consequently, yeah, they are doing okay in Russia right now, but they’re not as much of an economic threat and thus a military threat as China.

China – that’s the big kahuna, if you would. China is succeeding massively on an economic front and therefore on a military front. Those two things tend to go hand in hand. We built China effectively. So why, I ask, aren’t we doing more to sanction the living daylights out of China right now, given what we’ve learned about this balloon? I mean, they’re they’re traveling across our country for a whole week. We don’t shoot it down. We wait till it’s out to sea. And they’ve gotten all their information doing all those figure eights, the loop de loops above our U.S. security military facilities. And yet, when pushed for answers on this, first of all, Joe Biden originally said, oh, no big deal. I mean, yeah, it’s like this international violation thing, But they really didn’t get to it until they were really getting anything that was of consequence that contradicts directly the new NBC News report that specifically says they did get U.S. intel on key military sites. And also you get Karine Jean-Pierre, who’s well, let’s face it, never been the most eloquent or best spokesperson. I think I’d give her a spokesperson of the year. She certainly doesn’t understand a lot of things that she should.

Karrine Jean Pierre: So the the bottom line, the administration identified the problem was there and did something.

Trish Regan: She’s really stonewalling on this China thing. So consequently, I think we are left really questioning what the fate of the overall world order is. And the U.S. used to be the hegemonic power. And there’s a lot that goes with that, a lot of responsibility that goes with that and a lot of advantages that go with that because we are the world’s reserve currency, which means when all you know what breaks loose, a lot of people still come into the United States of America. The U.S. dollar is still sort of the creme de la creme, but now increasingly it’s becoming under threat hands. (And this is separate, I should just say, separate from U.S. legacy PM Investments dot com being an advertiser. But, you know, I’ve talked about gold for a long time and my concerns about the economic fundamentals of the U.S. being very much in danger for a very long time.) But I would say that this is partly what’s driving gold prices higher right now. What’s driving crypto as well. You’re seeing more people go into crypto. Of course, Elon Musk came out with his Dogecoin right at the top, the tippy, tippy top of the Twitter website, and you see it there. And he has some aspirations about making Twitter more of a banking apparatus. Don’t forget, he has has talked about that for quite some time.

And so this global disorder that’s being fed by China, fed by Russia and contributed to by the U.N. with the new position for Russia, it’s all causing a lot of concern, not to mention all the other stuff going on. I mean, you think on the social issues that we’re confronting.

Rep. Burgess Owens was just on the program the other day saying how worried he is about our kids and you got a situation where any attempt to try and counter any of this is really backfiring on those that try. Look at what just happened to former President Trump.

Now, I don’t care whether you love them. You hate them. You know, I don’t care on this one. This is a matter of principle. This is a matter of fairness. And, you look at these charges, many, many, many, many different legal entities, frankly, a lot of lawyers, a lot smarter than Mr. Bragg had the opportunity to bring this forward.


And they didn’t because it wasn’t a case that they really thought that they could win. But Bragg is a political animal. He was elected to that position as district attorney, and he was elected on this promise that he would go after Donald Trump. That was the whole campaign. Right. So he’s delivering on his campaign promises. Well, what does that say about America if we’re reduced to that?

If you just go after your political opponents and try and throw him in jail, it tells you we’re not much better than any one of those banana republics.

Liz Harrington is going to join me in just a moment on that very issue. But before we do that, we want to just give word for another one of our sponsors, which is consumer tax advocate.


We got real problems in America.

We’ve got oil prices that are going up. We’ve got China jockeying for a major position. We know now this pie balloon was theirs, despite them trying to tell us it was a weather balloon. And we’ve got a border situation that is completely out of control, combined with a kind of takeover of our children. There was a study I want to share this with you as well before we get to Liz Harrington. There is a study that just came out that really I found to be truly, truly heartbreaking, this report showing that 57% of parents reported that their gender dysphoria, children had preexisting mental health issues and that the majority of them, this one is from Daily Wire, felt pressured as families to encourage their children to change their gender. It apparently impacted girls more heavily than boys. 75% of gender just for children have been biological, females and girls, the report reads, were also much more likely to socially transition or or more in order to match their so-called gender identity.

But again, most often what they’re citing here is that there’s a history of mental health disorders. So the question is, why are we jumping to, frankly, mutilate children’s bodies at a time when they’re so young and they’re so vulnerable and they don’t they don’t know a whole lot. You’ve got adults that have their own agendas about this that are coming in, interfering with this and saying, okay, well, here’s the problem. You know, you just really were supposed to be a boy. And instead of addressing the root causes of what’s going on here, you’re finding that there’s this rush to solve it by changing the gender. And if you actually have a mental health condition, believe me, changing your gender is not going to do anything to solve that.

You’ve got to actually address the real problem. This is a study that was done by a professor out of Northwestern University’s a psychology professor, Michael Bailey. He analyzed 1655 parents of youth and young adult children who identified as opposite sex or non-binary children are being led down pasts that they can’t necessarily always recover from. And it’s up to us as parents, as adults to help them and not let them succumb to this kind of stuff that can be forever devastating for them. The consequences of changing your gender at the age of 11 or 12 or 13.

Those are things that really can’t be undone. So in the name of political correctness, now we are losing sight of what is our most precious resource, and that is our children, because they are our future. And we’re allowing. The woke police to take over this issue in ways that really is not right for the kids. It’s not right for society. It’s not right for the parents. Let’s help the children. I mean, listen, you’re 21 year old adult. You know, you’re on your own. You have the opportunity to do what you want. But these are kids. These are our children.

All right. So lots going on. We didn’t even tackle the border in a meaningful way today. But I have a feeling Liz may have something to say on this. We did hear, of course, from President Trump just last night in Palm Beach, who’s come out swinging big time.

Donald Trump: I never thought anything like this could happen in America. I never thought it could happen. The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it.

Trish Regan: Liz Harrington joining me with more on all of this, Liz Harrington. Good to see you, Liz.

Liz Harrington: [00:14:29] Great to see you, Trish. [00:14:30][0.5]

Trish Regan:  Wow. All right. So last night was a pretty big night. This week is a pretty big week. What’s your overall assessment of things? I mean, how are you feeling here day after day?

Liz Harrington: Well, I’m feeling like it’s was a very pivotal, historic day for our country and in many bad ways. However, I think President Trump coming out last night, he delivered a very powerful speech. He told the American people exactly what’s going on, spoke the truth about this lawlessness that is targeting him, but is really about targeting our entire country. It’s really about targeting the average American, destroying the rule of law and destroying our country in the process. And he laid out key things that are happening to our country right now that really show what this is all about. He is the one person who challenges the corrupt establishment. And meanwhile, the establishment is busy trying to get us into World War Three with you, with Ukraine and Russia. They’re opening our border. The dollar could be about to lose our status as the world reserve currency.

Trish Regan:  I mean, at home, by the way, because you know me, I’m a business reporter. Absolutely. I’m looking at gold today and we’re like $2,040 an ounce. Oh, my gosh. I mean, this is crazy to me. I’ve always been concerned about the long term economic fundamentals of our country. But if someone said to me, do you think gold’s going to be at 2040 right now, I’d say, you know, maybe the end of the year, maybe by fall, depends on what happens with China. And I’m looking at it and it’s happening now. So you’re right. I mean, there’s scary stuff going on. And I say to myself, what what’s why aren’t we actually addressing these policy issues? China, for example. Oh, turns out they got a spy balloon that’s run in figure eights all over our military complexes. And we don’t actually respond with a massive amount of sanctions. I mean, that to me would be the logical move. Hit them where it hurts their economy.

Liz Harrington: Exactly. And we don’t shoot it down until it finishes its mission. I mean, this is these are scandals of biblical proportions for our country. And it’s really weakening our status in the world. I mean, this none of this happened under President Trump. And I think that’s the key here. That’s why they’re going after him so hard. And they cannot allow the American people to choose their next leader ever again. They don’t want it to happen because the corrupt establishment, they’re getting rich off this collapse. They’re getting rich by China’s rise. I mean, look at the Bidens. I mean, it’s absolutely appalling, the corruption there. [00:17:15][41.5]

Trish Regan: But we have actually announcement coming on this later this week to talk about some of what has been uncovered. I suspect, Liz, and I’m curious to get your thoughts on this now that Donald Trump then indicted. I think the gloves are kind of off, am I right? I mean, this is like the genie gets let out of the bottle. I’ve said all along, because there’s been a lot of time governors and banana republics down in Latin and South America. It feels eerily similar. And I suspect now you’re going to have a lot of Republicans days all over the country in conservative places trying to dig up stuff on Biden and Clinton and whoever they can. I mean, this civility, if you would, is gone. [00:18:01][44.2]

Liz Harrington: Right. And they could actually do real investigations because there’s actually stuff to look into. Unlike President Trump for seven years now. This is it. This is all they’ve been able to find, which is a non crime. I mean, something that is preposterous. I mean, it’s pathetic, but it is just indicative of you speak about these banana republics. That’s what they’re turning us into. And that’s what’s so dangerous. And that’s what President Trump is so concerned about. We can’t continue like this for much longer as a country. We’re going to lose it and the gloves should be off. And that’s why President Trump this morning called for Congress. These Republicans defund the DOJ and FBI until they clean up their act, because make no mistake, they are directly involved in these witch hunts. They sent the number three person at the DOJ to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to resurrect this zombie case that the feds refused to charge, that everyone looked at, knew there was nothing there.

Trish Regan: Even Bragg, by the way, exactly what it is saying. I don’t think this thing has legs.

Liz Harrington: Exactly. So they should be defunded. They should be the subpoenas should be flying out the window. I mean, we need real accountability or otherwise. This is going to continue and all of us will be the target.

Trish Regan: Like I think you mentioned, all of us being the target. I think even about Matt Taibbi and the incident that happened with him the other day with the IRS showing up at his doorstep just as he’s about to testify before Congress. You think about Lena Can’s case from the FTC where she’s investigating Twitter under the under the idea that somehow people’s data is being compromised. I would say, hey, maybe take a look at tick tock first. But they also want to know every journalist that got copies of the emails between government and Twitter. It tells me that they’re scared about something. We know that. And they’re definitely scared about former President Trump possibly getting in there again.

Liz Harrington: Oh, absolutely. And that’s what we keep repeating. I mean, this is election interference. There’s no way around it. Now, they’re scheduling this sham show trial for January 2024, right at the start of primary season. I mean, it’s so obvious, it’s so transparent.

Trish Regan:  But just trying to help him lose. I mean.

Liz Harrington: Everything they tried to.

Trish Regan: … even independents like he was he was struggling with independents. I think there were a lot of people let’s be frank, let’s be honest, after January six, they were like, oh, okay, I’m not sure. I’m not sure. And now, given what’s just happened, I think that whole crowd of people in the middle are saying, wait a second, Like there’s there’s some there there. And they’re really targeting him in a way that we don’t feel comfortable with as Americans.

Liz Harrington: Well, absolutely. And the American people are smart. They see through it. And every time this overreach, it always backfires on them. And we’ve seen it again and again. But the problem is there’s been no accountability and they just don’t care. They’re going to do whatever it takes. As Joe Biden even said, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that he can’t run again. And that is so un-American.

They’re not going to be able to stop this movement. It’s the greatest political movement in American history. But they’re certainly going to try because this shows their desperation. They have no other choice. They have to try to use law enforcement now to meddle in our elections because they know they can’t beat President Trump fair and square.

They know they can’t. And it would be so much easier for them to just get rid of Trump before the primaries, during the primaries and have just another, you know, establishment really running through the motions campaign where there’s not a real choice for the American people. You’re getting establishment on the right or establishment on the left. It’s the same.

Trish Regan: That’s been very interesting to me because I am looking at how the the party felt a little bit fractured and has been a bit fractured for a while. And all of a sudden there’s this groundswell of support even for. From the people that he’d be running against that are saying, okay, you know, DeSantis an example there, nobody really likes this. I wonder if the Democrats it’s it’s the law of unintended consequences. Right? They’re trying to make sure that he does not run, that he would not win, that he wouldn’t be the nominee. And yet they might have actually gotten themselves exactly the opposite.

Liz Harrington: Right. And in the process, they’re unifying the Republican Party like we’ve never seen. I mean, the support of President Trump has already been the most popular Republican incumbent in history. But now you’re seeing even more people and disaffected Democrats, independents coming in saying what’s happening to our country, seeing what’s happening to our energy and our gas prices or electricity bills. I mean, the –

Trish Regan: high prices.

Liz Harrington: Prices. Exactly. Our border, the crime, the lawlessness, what’s happening in our schools. All of these issues affect their daily life. And they remember what it was like under President Trump. And the only chaos was actually in the media and the establishment. They were the ones that were worried. The American people were they had peace and stability. They had a booming economy. They want that again. And they see the difference. And the longer this goes on, the more they target him. They see how unjust it is. And the American people inherently like fairness. They want equal justice where they unfairly target him, the more people will gravitate towards him.

Trish Regan:  Look, you have a media background. What’s your assessment? I was. Look, it doesn’t take much to encourage me because I feel like the media is so insanely biased. But when I see The New York Times admit that these are going to be extremely difficult charges to prove, I at least say, okay, well, at least someone’s being a little bit honest. I don’t know how long that lasts. And and let’s be very frank. I mean, the bar is that low. But what do you think about the media in terms of the coverage we’ve seen thus far, which, yes, is biased, but at some point they have to admit that this is kind of a tricky one to be able to prove. And second, how do you think they’ll treat him going into the big race?

Liz Harrington: Well, some things are really almost impossible to spin because, I mean, on its face, you know, that first of all, President Trump is completely innocent. They’re taking something that would be, if it was a crime, a misdemeanor, past the statute of limitations. They’re trying to latch on to a federal crime, which a state cannot bring. And when the feds said there was no violation, there was never any campaign finance is all well documented.

The Mueller witch hunt looked at this directly. And if Andrew Weissman wasn’t going to bring this charge, you couldn’t bring it because they were so biased on that sham investigation as well.

So, look, there’s some things you can’t really spin, but as a whole, they are very corrupt. The media, they are not honest. They’re trying to damage President Trump while also they’re ignoring these major stories of the day, like we’ve mentioned at the top of this show.

I mean, you’re talking about the dollar losing its reserve says that’s a direct result of this Biden government pushing Saudi Arabia away from the United States, pushing Putin and Chairman Xi together.

Trish Regan: they’re playing checkers over there in the White House..  No one gets it. I mean, you do not want Russia and China [pairing up]. By the way, Nixon got this. I mean, this is why Nixon went over to China. You may debate it now and say, ‘hey, maybe we went a little too far.’

The problem is people get greedy, corporations get greedy, CEOs get greedy, both sides get greedy. And so this was like a bipartisan effort. Don’t forget, under Bill Clinton, let’s like Kumbaya. We’re going to have the NAFTA agreement. We’re going to do business with China. Everybody’s going to grow rich.

Except in China, [leaders] they’re smart. They’ve got that 100 year plan going on. And they were able to to use all of that economic strength that they built up to turn into military strength, to turn into spying, strength to one day possibly use against us. And I think that’s that’s the real fear. And we need somebody who understands that and and can deal with it.

Joe Biden has shown us over and over again that he is a little past his prime, not that he was ever, you know, a rocket scientist, but …when you combine him with Anthony Blinken, who, by the way, John McCain said on the House floor he wouldn’t vote for him as deputy undersecretary of state in the Obama administration because he thought the guy was not competent and that lack of competence could result in the loss of lives. I mean, we got the B-team, Biden, Blinken they’re in charge! And I think that it’s catching up with Americans.

Liz Harrington:  Exactly. And the ties to the financial connections to the. The Chinese Communist Party. I mean, the Biden family is making millions in these shady deals. They haven’t been investigated for any of that. The FBI has had all the evidence on that laptop for years now. They’re not doing anything about.

Trish Regan:  That was that was misinformation, as I do recall, which is.

Liz Harrington: Again, election interference, which Alvin Bragg is trying to somehow claim that there was election interference with this sham case involving President Trump. Yet we have the FBI working in concert with big tech to censor the New York Post and the biggest story going into the 2020 election. Totally unconstitutional, totally violating the First Amendment. And there’s been no charges. There’s been nothing. In fact, the fbi is getting a funding boost. The DOJ is getting funding. This is why….

Trish Regan:We need a tax refund!

You know, for all the the president’s outspoken rhetoric against the media and his frustration with the media and all the things that he’s said about the media. I never heard about a journalist being spied upon. I think about the Obama administration. Jim Rosen over at Fox News was being spied upon by the Obama administration. Cheryl Atkinson has made similar allegations. And you know, this IRS thing with Matt Taibbi, you got me.  I don’t know what that one is, but I would just point out that, yes, he was he was very vocal in his criticism, but it was all out there. I never heard I never heard of any journalist being actually spied upon. So think about.

Liz Harrington: Exactly. And they’re the abuse of power that we saw under Obama. And now Biden is just unheard of. Like President Trump said, “I can’t believe I never thought this would be happening in America.”

Trish Regan: I just, I never thought that either.

Liz Harrington: And that’s really chilling thing. And yet for President Trump always took it back to the media because they were always attacking him. That is fair game. But he was open and transparent about it and he would tell it to their face. He was not behind the scenes trying to suppress the First Amendment. He wasn’t colluding with these big tech companies. He wasn’t doing any of that. He he’s a straight shooter. And to go back on China, that’s this is all kind of connected because he’s the only president who has taken on China and that’s a threat to their financial interest in the swamp.

Trish Regan: Wow. Liz Harrington, thank you so much for joining us today. So much going on. We hope to have you back soon. Take care, my friend.

Liz Harrington: Thank you so much, Trish.

Trish Regan: Again, my thanks to Liz. So this may just be my most favorite story of the week. I love this.

So Elon Musk, his company Twitter, just slapped a ‘state affiliated media’ title on NPR, NPR’s Twitter site. This is this is just fabulous. I mean, this is this is great. (laughs)

NPR’s not too happy about it though.

But you know how, like, you might have your title. Mine, for example, says journalist host of The Trish Regan Show. And I direct you to the Apple Podcasts site or to my site Trish Regan show dot com. Well, in the case of Elon Musk, his team went in there and put state affiliated media right next to the NPR label. I mean, it’s fantastic. Take a look at it here. We’ve got some video for you, state affiliated media.

As I said, NPR is not happy. They say it’s very disturbing. I’ll get their quote in just a minute. But first, here’s what Twitter had to say.

They said, “state affiliated media is defined as outlets where the state exercises control over editorial content through financial resources, direct or indirect political pressures and or control over production and distribution.”

Look, if you’ve ever read the NPR stuff, it’s pretty clear where their bias is coming from. But they’re not the only ones, right? Like, I actually think that Twitter is going to have an absolute field day, and maybe this is a little bit of a warning.

Don’t forget, just the other day, Reuters reported a very, very negative story on Tesla, for example, sort of saying that, you know, Elon’s price cuts didn’t work when in fact they had this huge uptick in sales and he called them out on it. But this may be a little bit of a warning shot. He’s like, okay, guys, you know what? Like, actually you need to play fair and the bias that you have is going to be called out, as it should be, right?

Because media members masquerading like they are just the the cleanest, most non opinionated, non biased organization in the world when in fact it really is something entirely different.

So the folks at NPR, they’re not happy. The president of NPR, he’s firing back, saying and I quote, We were disturbed to see last night that Twitter has labeled NPR as state affiliated media. He said NPR member stations are supported by millions of listeners who depend on us for independent, fact based journalism that we provide.

He also said that NPR’s a critical part of our American democracy and said that it’s unacceptable for Twitter to label us this way.

Watch out, world. Because Elon Musk doesn’t play by the same kind of deep state rules as the rest of them. That’s why I like him.


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Do me that favor.

We have so much happening, so much happening. It’s troubling. It’s troubling because I don’t think that there’s enough focus on things like crime, on things like our border, things like drugs, things like the importance of our children and making sure our children are heard and they are treated appropriately as opposed to rushing to some nonsense that will have devastating long term consequences for them. I mean, this is this is this Biden administration. Don’t forget, in so many states, because of his executive order, you don’t have the right as a parent to even know what’s going on. Once your child hits 12, you can’t get the medical information. It’s like the system has the ability to take over. And this is this is sad stuff.

So we got a lot that’s happening. I appreciate you being here. Continue to be here. Share this show like this show. Comment on this show and I’ll see you tomorrow.



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